Ubabub is here!

I don’t know why I “exclamated” that title as the price of it is way beyond any excuse I might have to purchase a second cot… still, the Ubabub range has been on my radar for some time and I can be excited by its arrival in NZ on behalf of those who a) need to purchase a cot, and b) can afford this range.

Image from Belly Beyond

There are two reasons why I love the Nifty Clear cot – firstly the styling that fits with our predominantly mid-century decor (more on that here) and secondly baby #1 was is very much attached to his dummies. We didn’t sleep through the night until he could search for them and put them back in himself, so this cot with “solid” sides would be a great help and maybe even add a few months of good sleep into the equation. I wouldn’t have to lie in bed counting as one by one the dummies fell out onto the floor.

Back to renovation posts as soon as I take a breather from a whole lot of little projects we’re working on…!


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