The light went out

Some projects just don’t go to plan… like the dreaded dripping spray paint one which I never got back to you about.

After the success of the first attempt I had high hopes (and a little too much confidence) for a quick update to this pink lampshade via Trademe:

As per last time I taped up the holes to prevent spray through, and gave it a once over with fine sandpaper:

Then I got a bit carried away with the happy yellow:

Hideous drips! I didn’t even realise how hideous until I had to do this:

A good waste of an hour or more of scraping and sanding those nasty drips, and still I couldn’t get it smooth. Really the only thing would be to apply paint stripper and start from scratch.

But, being the shortcutter I am (and losing patience with a project when it’s gone past it’s best) I opted for the patch up job. Reasoning that I wasn’t even sure about the yellow anyway so I’d just get it up and see if it’s even going to stay that way.

So here is my failure hanging in all it’s cheerful oblivion above the dining table:

No styling for this shot sorry – time is of the essence while little one is sleeping.

And here is the reason why dinner guests must be constantly entertained so their eyes don’t wander upwards and happen upon “the dreaded drippy lightshade”:

Embarrasing to say the least. How long it will stay there will be even more embarassing.

But, what do you think of the yellow?

6 thoughts on “The light went out

  1. Natalie

    Hehe, you sound just like me – enthusiastic and gung-ho, but terribly impatient 🙂 Love the colour though! I have a small obsession with both yellow and duck egg blue… And I love the splashback!!

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