Ode to Office Nook

Oh office nook
You are dear to my heart
My desire for organisation
And my love of stationery
Will you be mine?

Call it cheesy, odd or just plain geeky – I don’t mind, because I am getting an office nook!

Now that the form is there I can visualise so much easier and those visualisations involve “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”… I….  W…I..L…L…  B..E…  ORGANISED! And it will be pretty as well as functional! Well, maybe not pretty, but it will be hot!

Like this, as looked at daily on my Pinterest office moodboard:

Right now, this is what we have, so all power to visualisation!

It’s not exactly an “Oh wow!” moment, but things are happening here faster than they ever have before and I’m loving it! So fast that I have little time to get in and get photos!

As you can see we’ve insulated these internal walls with the Pink Batts left over from here in order to provide a sound barrier for the bedroom which is surrounded by potentially noisy areas like the kitchen, office and laundry. A sleeping toddler (and baby??) is worth every bit of extra effort!

We have also lined these walls with customwood instead of Gib, which allows for faster prep for painting, and the real bonus of fixing shelving however we decide without having to locate studs.

Most of the electrical work is done in this area as well as the laundry also. And we’ve got 3 double power points in the office nook alone – yes! No more multiboxes underfoot!

We’re scratching our heads a little over the flooring… where walls have been cut out the flooring is thankfully still the rimu floorboards, but in a much different condition than the rest of the floor. There are also some areas (ie. the doorway to the bedroom) which at some point were holes for various things and were patched badly years ago. Ideally we’d sand the whole house and get it all consistent, but that’s not happening! Hopefully a patch sand will do the trick and look fine, albeit with a little more character!

More on that when it happens…

For now, here’s something to keep the excitement up:

3 thoughts on “Ode to Office Nook

  1. Andrea

    Go the office nook! So exciting to have your own space to work – looking forward to seeing your gorgeous results when it’s finished!

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