Renovation Stage 2 is in full force!

While I’ve been gone (literally… I was away in Sydney for 10 days, more on that later) my house has undergone something of a transformation – thankfully most of it was with my approval!

We are in full swing with stage 2 of the renovation process which, as mentioned in the last post, involves a new bedroom, laundry and office. Unfortunately no happy snaps were taken of the demolition process because when boys get together historical records aren’t first and foremost. However, I am still most grateful to husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law for their efforts in my absence despite no evidence it was them who got the job done!

Here is a quick pic as a bit more wall was sliced out to make way for laundry doors:

And on my return home, said laundry doors, and a linen cupboard door to the right:

These doors are super tall (2400??) in order to maximise access to storage space. I would have preferred normal height doors, with additional/separate cupboard doors above, but that would mean more time and money – compromise people… it’s all about compromise!

From the bathroom, it looks like this:

The first door you see is a standard height door, and leads into the third bedroom. So really what was an entirely blank wall has now become a wall of doors, pretty it’s not, but I’m thinking paint will help with the blending in of doors and frames and it won’t be so bad in the end!

And now from the other side of the doors, here’s looking to one side of the bedroom from within the laundry cupboard. What you’re looking at here is the old laundry space.

Ripping out the lining here uncovered a little surprise in the way of rotten framing… a previous craftsman had even written a helpful warning “If you get this far, don’t go any further!”. So more work to be done in this corner before we move on…

Now if you stand yourself in the above image and spin around, you look to the other corner of the bedroom which is framed on the left by the laundry cupboard, and to the right by the office nook. You’ll just have to trust me on this one… it looks like a maze but it’s not! On the “back” wall you can see a bit of the “artwork” from here used a second time to cover up what was the old kitchen doorway. Once again, we’re doing our best to minimise the transfer of dust and small children to places they don’t belong.

One last picture from the hallway into the laundry, this time with the doors open!

Last night we worked out all the electrical requirements, today I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration on shelving and storage options for laundries and office nooks, and Saturday will no doubt involve a trip to Bunnings and another whip around with the vacuum cleaner (I just may get withdrawal symptoms once all the dust clears and I no longer need my vacuum cleaner twice a day…).


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