Any crafty crocheters?

I want to learn to crochet.

Blame it on the nesting instinct kicking in super early, or just itchy (in the crafty way) feet to do something a little more decorative as opposed to “building” now that the kitchen is almost done, whatever the reason, I’ve been hankering to get stuck into some crafty projects.

Number 1 being a cross stitch for my kitchen – yes a cross stitch! It is years and years since I have attempted such things, but (excuse me for blowing my own trumpet) I used to be quite good at it and want to see how I manage again!

Let’s just hope it’s not like my attempt to snow ski after a few years of not… a dismal failure despite being a confident skier in childhood days!

Number 2 (and 3 if you’re counting) is to crochet a couple of things – a cushion for our sofa, and a blanket for the little one (or the little two to be). They’re just so colourful and homely looking I can’t resist!

Problem is I can’t crochet – as in I never even used to do it. Anyone know where/how I can learn?

All these images can be found on my Pinterest boards, with links to their respective original sites.



6 thoughts on “Any crafty crocheters?

  1. knittinginmydreams

    I remember when I wanted to learn how to crochet! Haha I was walking around Jo-Ann Fabrics and saw some yarn and had an impulse buy moment. I’m self taught though so I don’t really know of any good resources to use. I just looked stuff up on the internet and Youtube is great becuase people post videos that are easy to follow. Make sure you dont start out using fuzzy yarn…I made that mistake. A simple worsted weight yarn is best and I use it for almost everything I make. If you ever do learn though then you must join its a knit/crochet site with loads of free patterns and people that can even help you learn if your having trouble.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Oh thanks! I actually got started on Friday at my mother-in-laws. I didn’t know she crocheted but should have asked earlier as she does most crafty things!
      I do need some extra help though when she’s not sitting next to me so that link will be useful. Ta xo

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