Coming ready or not!

Finally what we’ve all been waiting for…

New kitchen photos – whoop whoop!

But just because there’s a little bit of power-crazy nastiness in me a call for suspense here, I’ll give you this first.

6 months ago we had a kitchen in the middle of the house (well we still do…), with an internal window looking through the sunroom, and a laundry off to the side with another window looking at our fence. All in all, a little gloomy and average, with perfectly adequate but tired cabinetry and an also perfectly adequate but not my style wooden benchtop. According to the master plan (another post perhaps??) it has to go to make way for another bedroom.

But first, a new kitchen… in a space that just housed our desk but was begging to be transformed into my happy place (and why not the kitchen seeing as I do actually spend a fair bit of time in there for one reason or another?!).

What was originally the verandah of our house was walled and roofed in some time ago to create a space that got the best sun in the house but made little sense in function or flow.

In the midst of the demolition it looked a little different…

And finally… it looks a little different again!

Above the splashback there you’ll notice some steel pipes sticking out of the wall – they are not towel rails (temporarily they are!) but brackets for open shelving which we’re working on (or I’m constantly reminding about and he’s working on!).

My mother in law gave me some flowers last weekend and they have pride of place in my new kitchen! Oh happy, happy kitchen!


12 thoughts on “Coming ready or not!

  1. missbrownedesign

    Wow, what a transformation! It looks really, really great Jolene! Well done you guys – what a lot of hard work, but well worth it when it looks that good! x

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thank you! It is quite the transformation when you look back at photos of what it was. It just feels like a totally different room and I forget already what it used to be like! Pick a sunny day to come sit at my table and have coffee!

      1. missbrownedesign

        I was thinking that it really looks as though the room has widened – funny how a room with nothing in it looks smaller than when it has something in it! It’s probably all the white too! I will definitely be around for coffee – you name the day! ; )
        P.S. I love your yellow vase!

      2. Jolene Post author

        Yes I know – just a bit of white as opposed to peach and terracotta! The yellow vase was a birthday present from Andre – aww…

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