So much to say… but so much to finish!

I’ve been avoiding what to write about next because although loads has been happening around the place (until 11pm or midnight night after night!) nothing is “finished”… I had a horrible thought yesterday that maybe I’d never get to post about our new kitchen because it might never be finished!

Here is one thing that I started and finished last Friday:

A hammer cake for our little boy’s half birthday celebration! He’s too close to Christmas to celebrate then so we picked the middle-ish of the year instead and will keep that going until something better (like early December?) takes over.

That occasion was the incentive for getting our kitchen “half-finished” and saw us disconnecting the water pipes for the old kitchen sink and hooking up the new late on Friday, finishing with shifting the dishwasher over around 10.30pm.

The celebratory glass of grape juice (no wine for 15 weeks preggo) was a little flat knowing there was still much to be done, but let me tell you it was still well earned and enjoyed!




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