Oh pendant lights!

This is one of the projects I’ve been hanging out to tell you about – my refreshed pendant lights over the kitchen bench!

Way back in March we had a weekend away and stopped in Paeroa on the way home. Some of you will know Paeroa as the town of antique shops, and we love scrounging for a bargain so enjoyed antique shop-hopping for an hour or so.

We didn’t find a lot, but snapped up these pendant lights for a mere $4 each! Here they have been roughly sanded ready for repainting:

I wanted the lights to tie in with the colour of the wallpaper behind the splashback, in order to unite both sides of the kitchen. So after hunting for a close match with nothing to be found, I headed for Colour Works in Penrose to get an exact match. It was not the cheapest option, but some things I’m happy to compromise on, and this wasn’t one of them! The colour matching service (and paint) cost $37, and was ready in just a few hours. Below is the colour matched paint alongside the wallpaper, and also a clear lacquer (from Bunnings for around $7) which I used over the top.

Here you can see (just) how I taped over the holes from the inside so I wouldn’t get any overspray on the crisp white interior:

And here is the first coat applied:

And finally hanging in my new kitchen (post second coat of paint and a top coat of lacquer, and the electrician doing his thing):

Don’t they look pretty?! I’m quite excited about them – so excited I grabbed a can of bright yellow at Bunnings the other day for the dining table pendant. More on that later once I fix the dreaded dripping paint job I did on it this morning.




4 thoughts on “Oh pendant lights!

  1. missbrownedesign

    Wow, they look fantastic Jolene! I have been wanting to spray paint an old vase for a while but am unsure how to approach it without, as you say, the dreaded drips! After seeing your amazing effort on your pendant lights, I’m going to give it a go! Love the colour – really very cool!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks! Glad you like them – I can’t wait to get the full picture with the splashback/wallpaper up on the other side of the room to tie it together. Much to do still… The floor is right now getting it’s first of two top coats tonight which will protect it from knocks and scratches and scuffs (of which there’ll be plenty!) and then I can do the whole story on that – I know you’ve been waiting for it!

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