Making progress – one step at a time

The final transition from old to renovated (I won’t say new as it’s not an add-on) is in a step from lounge to dining.

Seen here in it’s rough state:

And now the smooth:

We actually stuffed some insulation down in the gap between floors (see the first photo), just because we had some handy, and, umm it makes the step feel warmer already – really!

And because we all like an overview:

Nice! Obviously we have yet to stain the step and paint the rest of it (forget what those particular bits are called… I know they’re not architraves or skirtings), but the good news is deep in the garage a little pot of “previous owners stain” was unearthed (I don’t use that word lightheartedly…) and the sample proves we have a match!

It will take some time to match the dents and scratches from old to new, but with the little one’s fondness for ladles, tongs, hammers and drills, combined with the incessant desire to bang them on all surfaces perhaps it won’t take so long if only I can confine him to the new step… any ideas aside from sandwiching him between yet more temporary walls either side of the step?!






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