The Day My Berlin Wall Came Down

Whoever would have thought such a thin piece of cheap timber could make such a difference to my daily life?

When we first put it up, I just thought of how much chaos would be kept outside of my domain… remember this?:

But after 6 months of living with this:

…the lack of space, views, but especially light, was getting rather tiresome!

The sun beaming onto this side of the wall was all very well!:

With the worst of the work completed on the “other side” and the builder waiting to do the step from the lounge to the new dining we (me, the little one, and the builder) made an executive decision to bring the wall down! The little one even helped with his matching drill and stance!

Let there be light! See that sun just bursting to get in? It came especially for this occasion (and hasn’t been seen since…).

See – gone already! At least it was enough to remember what our lounge used to be like!

And from the other side:

And finally, looking into the new kitchen from the fireplace:

Rain, rain… go away… Let the sun shine in again!


5 thoughts on “The Day My Berlin Wall Came Down

    1. Jolene Post author

      The great reveal… I bet you have been waiting – so have I! Just a wee bit longer and you can come and have coffee at our dining table IN THE SUN!

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