Ikea Flair

Have to share this: Ikea in NZ!!! Can’t believe I have only just discovered this, and that noone has told me about it!

Although the product is Ikea, the pricing is not… so that does dampen things a little.

Nevertheless… it has given me warm, fuzzies for Ikea this afternoon and has me digging in the memory bank for trips to Ikea in London – fun times!

I remember riding home from an Ikea adventure (because it was always an adventure… not just a trip) on our scooter – singlet and jandals on an uncharacteristically (wow – looooong word!) warm London day – with a rolled up rug under my arm, probably some shelves under the other.

I have to let you in on a little secret… we added shelves in our campervan cupboards before the big trip across the land of Eu-rope, and what did we use as brackets…? Ikea pencils of course! Those little round wooden pencils… just slice ’em in half, drill hole in cupboard, insert pencil, sit shelf on top. Repeat for all four corners of course. Aah those were the days!

Here are a few of my favourite Ikea picks today:

1. Udden Kitchen Trolley    2. Gedser Rug    3. Helmer Drawer Unit    4. PS Cabinet on Castors    5. Alvine Spetsig Cushion Cover

5 thoughts on “Ikea Flair

  1. nzpixie

    Oh, I miss Ikea! Just had a look at the website selling it here, and almost fell off my chair to see they’re charging $200 for the bookcase we paid £15 for in London!!

    1. Jolene Post author

      I know, I know! Takes a lot of the enjoyment out of Ikea doesn’t it… still at least it’s available if we get desperate.

  2. Andrea

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing that link! I heard a rumour a few years ago that you could get Ikea through a New Zealand company but never found out where! The closest I found was a few Ikea bits and pieces on Trade Me.

    I went to Sydney a few years ago and I didn’t find out until we got home that there was an Ikea there – I can tell you I was pretty upset!!! I would’ve spent my entire weekend holiday there, I’m sure!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Haha! I’m contemplating what might fit in my suitcase coming home from a trip to Sydney next month actually!
      It seems these people haven’t got their website very well “search engine optimised” as I have trawled the net at various times hoping to find “Ikea in NZ!!!” but to no avail. You’re going to ask me how I found them now… and I’m a bit ashamed and surprised at myself that I have forgotten already. Blame the dinner/bedtime antics of Mr-18mths-I’ve-got-attitude!

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