Unsticky glue

It is due to some unsticky glue that the kitchen is not progressing quite so fast as planned.

The benchtop was supposed to come today but the glue wasn’t hardening (probably due to the nasty cold snap we’re in the middle of…) so we’re having to contain the excitement a bit longer.

I thought I’d take another look at some white on white kitchen designs to keep the spirits up!

1. Found here. Love everything about this!
2. Here. Lovely light! Husband would love the cabinet handles.
3. Here. Pendant lights, open shelves, red stools!
4. Here. Pretty, homely, pendant lights – ooh nice!
5. And here. Pendant lights, open shelves and bookcase in the island – other than that not much to love.

Yes I have a thing about pendant lights – don’t say I didn’t warn you…


4 thoughts on “Unsticky glue

  1. Andrea

    Nice. I love those Tolix stools too and wanted a red one for our breakfast bar, but waaaaaaay outside the budget! I found this one http://www.simonjamesdesign.com/main/product.aspx?pro_id=343&bra_id=24 which I like more and is designed by a guy I went to school with, but alas, still too pricey for our budget! I thought it would be nice to have one proper design piece in the house, but wasn’t to be! Went with a retro looking stool on sale for $35 at Briscoes instead!

    1. Jolene Post author

      I so understand your yearning for a “proper design piece”! But at the end of the day there are some pretty similar pieces out there that cost a fraction of the price, and if they get wrecked by the smaller member of our family I won’t cry about it… much! I’m also favouring true retro style right now and browsing TradeMe frequently for the less designed and more crafted options – it’s the bit of anti-design in me that’s always been there. Still, we can always dream!

      1. Andrea

        So true about the littlies wrecking them! I just think I can aspire to a couple of lovely “design” pieces when 1) the children are older and more responsible (or should that be less destructive!) and 2) when I have a real job so I can pay for them!! ; )

        I’m a bit the same with leaning more towards craft at the moment. I have been searching for a floor lamp for the lounge, and after much looking I think I will buy an old sixties base from Trade Me and get a lamp shade in a retro fabric to go with it. It’s nice to have things that other people don’t have, and softens the house a little having a touch of the handcrafted!

      2. Jolene Post author

        Hear hear! We’re also doing as much “repurposing” as we can with this renovation ie. reusing lightshades for use in different parts of the house, or for a table lamp. We’ve even gone as far as pulling out some of the existing downdraft ducting to connect up the new downdraft (it wasn’t pleasant washing it out but wow it saves a lot of money!).
        Benchtops are getting fixed in today – whoop whoop!

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