Puttying, priming and painting

There’s nay a spare evening to be had around here – at least not a guilt free one.

There is much to be done – puttying, priming and painting is just the start of it!

Thankfully it gets more exciting from here on out.

This nasty stuff had my reaching for my mask (only to be told it’s for filtering dust not fumes, but it works so there!):

And the blue glove (which obviously hindered the otherwise smooth job I would have made of the puttying):

Here we’re almost done with sealing the ceiling (bit more on that here):

Now for the real stuff (Resene Space Cote Flat, for the ceiling):

Rolling, rolling, rolling… we ended up doing 3 top coats to get an even finish.

And an overview for those that like the bigger picture (and proof it’s not always the ladies job to paint the trim):

You can’t quite tell in the image above but we have painted the first wall coat on too, behind where the kitchen will be, which is on the closest walls at left and a bit on the right wall before the french doors. We got that on there so the builder can carry on with assembling and installing the kitchen and we’ll finish off the top coat around it.

The noises as I type are improving (we started off with this) and now I’m listening to the hum of the screwdriver as the kitchen cabinets are pulled together. Yesss! So you can share in my excitement here’s a sneak peek:

Ohhh! Don’t worry – there’ll be more!


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