Signed and sealed. R18mths.

It’s official. The new kitchen to be is a signed and sealed deal. After the mammoth gib stopping task (or the sanding particularly) it was a pleasure to get rolling the paint on!

As you’ve probably noticed from the photos, most of our renovating happens in the evenings (apart from the builder being here during the day, but I think he’d prefer to be anonymous so he doesn’t feature much… plus I keep my sticky beak and camera out of the way and let him get on with it).

We have made various attempts to keep on keeping on with the little one around but what with stopping every two minutes to rescue him from near death or just get him a snack it’s really not worth trying!


Shortly after this I dispatched my two men into the kitchen to cook mummy some dinner and I carried on. I definitely got the good deal and am proud to say I made it all the way around the room (minus the ceiling) before dinner was ready. Whoop whoop!

Besides the little one getting in the way I was not at all keen on him inhaling fresh paint fumes (paranoid mama had a mask on).

Where possible we will use low VOC paint so I don’t have to waste brain effort worrying whether the little one is grumpy because he has a headache from fumes.

After dinner and bedtime stories we were back out there with the baby monitor to finish the edges and the ceiling. Phew!

Sorry there’s no “complete” picture but so far the thought about taking one and a quiet moment haven’t come together.


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