Come, walk into my pantry!

You might have noticed in yesterday’s post about the gib and stopping an “I’m sure that wasn’t there before” wall and door? That would be the grand entrance to my walk in pantry!

Let me just clarify that it would best be called a “step in pantry” because that’s as far as you’ll get. There’ll be no walking and definitely no swanning about in my new pantry.

The space is about 1400x800mm, but with most of it allocated for bench and underbench storage there will literally be a space of 750x400mm to stand and work in. I won’t be shutting the door behind me – the husband and little one will just have to shut their eyes so they can’t see me making their “Let’s celebrate our new kitchen” cupcakes!

Speaking of the door… here it is pulled across but not quite shut:

You might wonder at us putting a pantry there and blocking out a good bit of our natural light, but let me tell you the solid door is “temporary”. We are on the hunt for a door to match the external door to the right. The problem is the slider is only 610mm wide which is not all that common, and least of all in an “external style” door like the 4 panel with old stripey glass! Plan B is yet to be worked out in case Plan A fails, but we would like to let some of that light back in, while not displaying the messiness of my pantry (it will be visible from the dining table, so best not ruin appetites…).

The whole reason for this pantry came into being because we actually have no full height storage planned for the rest of the kitchen. It is a narrowish space overall so we didn’t want to create a crowded feeling by having towering cabinets, so have opted for open shelving on the wall opposite the windows.

The big news is the cabinets have been ordered and we’re expecting to spend next weekend chasing lost screws and instruction sheets! Can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Come, walk into my pantry!

  1. Andrea

    Wow! Looking really good guys! And so exciting to have ordered your cabinets!!! Bring on the new kitchen!

    Good luck with finding a solution for your door. Sounds like a bit of a mission – any Plan B yet? We had a window made to replace our french doors which got moved to the other side of the house to access the deck, and it cost $600! And that was non-opening AND unglazed!! Was quite shocking but we’re really glad we swallowed the cost to get it because it lets in so much natural light in the morning and heats the house up. I’m sure you’ll find a creative solution!

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    1. Jolene Post author

      Thank you – I am in NZ though and we don’t have so many options as you do in the US. Somehow I don’t think Crestview will ship to NZ?!

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