Gib Stop Art

Modern art? Kind of interesting I thought anyway. Two grown-ups enjoying a bit of plaster with a trowel on a free to create (temporary) wall… actually I’m pretty sure it’s just “cleaning off the trowel between trowels” but it caught my eye!

The gib is up, and I have to admit the next stage of stopping happened quick enough that I didn’t get any “post gib but pre stopping” pictures!

Here’s the room from one end:

And from the other:

In case you noticed the blue glove saying hi from both angles – it’s just hanging there as a warning not to bump your head on the bit of metal sticking out from the wall. The bit of metal being a bracket for shelves to be installed some time soon.

Should you wish you can take a look at the detail:

Or check out our supplies:

And make sure we’re using the right equipment:

Sanding tomorrow or Saturday and then I’ll have to get my painting outfit on!


4 thoughts on “Gib Stop Art

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