Fluffy goodness

With all the warnings about insulation being a nasty, nasty job, I certainly wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. But indeed I did! When I saw all that fluffy goodness filling out my walls I got warm fuzzies! (And I don’t even mean the itchy kind!) Plus it didn’t take as long as I thought – a few hours while the little one slept in the afternoon, then another hour or so that night and voila! Done!

To refresh your memory, here’s a nice tidy “I can see your rafters” shot:

And then another job ticked off the list (I was on walls – the pink stuff, Andre had the ceiling – the yellow):

Look at the lovely fluffiness – like a little fluffy chicken!

Sleep tight rafters!:

Essential protective gear (along with long pants and sleeves!):

The room was noticeably warmer immediately and I’m picking it will become my favourite room in our house. It gets a lot of sun, and with the concrete floor to hold the heat we’re hoping it’ll help the rest of the house too once it’s opened up to the lounge again. (You can see where it is currently walled off to the left of the photos above.)

Even more exciting is this is now all covered up with Gib… but I have to get some more photos first. Come back for that in a couple of days!

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