Almost as solid as concrete

For those of you who can’t wait to see the concrete floor, you will have to suffice with a few 95% complete shots as it will be a wee bit longer before the floor is actually 100% done (and we celebrate by getting outta the house for the weekend!). Once we have the finished floor in a photogenic state I’ll do a complete start to finish post – isn’t that something to look forward to?!

The good news is we sped up the end process by going for the sealing option rather than the polishing (a bit of history on that here) – it was just all glum faces around here at the thought of endless nights of polishing with a little-wee-tiny grinder down on hands and knees. At first I was not keen to give up because I wanted the gorgeous gloss of a polished look, but in hindsight the semi-gloss seal suits our house better as it won’t look so glaringly new next to the “a bit beaten up” floorboards.

The whole reason we opted for concrete (other than husband’s keen interest in trying out some thermal mass) was that we’d never be able to match our existing floorboards and tiles just aren’t our thing (they do have their place though). So although we opted for a contrast I do like that there is some unity at least in the glossiness or lack thereof.

So without further ado (other than a quick reminder that there are still a couple of sealing coats to go on), “Mr Thermal Mass, please take the floor!”:

Not the best shot, but all of our overall room shots seem to be done late at night after a much needed tidy up! Here’s a more true to colour close-up:

And just some more creative shots because I was enjoying myself:


5 thoughts on “Almost as solid as concrete

  1. missbrownedesign

    Ooh, looking good! I think the sealing looks fantastic and nicer than polished. We had some friends who had highly polished concrete in their extension and also out onto their outdoor area, and as soon as you spilt something slippery on it, eg the kids’ bubble blowing mixture, it became an absolute deathtrap! Kids running + slippery slide concrete = a few tears and bruises (and maybe a concussion!).

    I really love the colour of your floor!

    I am wondering… has the target deadline for the kitchen been reached?! It’s so exciting watching your new house unfold, and I can’t wait to see your lovely new kitchen!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Yes that is a very good point! Being a kitchen floor (and the runway to the big outdoors!) it is definitely best we’ve toned down the slippery-ness. I’m more than happy with it!
      Sadly the deadline passed last weekend, but I have to say it was a deadline imposed by Andre who is definitely more the dreamer and I am the realist, so I had my doubts even back when that deadline was 16 weeks off! I’m picking another couple of months to tell you the truth. But I’m happy as long as there is progress! Absolutely can’t wait to show you the finished product!

      1. Andrea

        Haha! Andre the dreamer – it totally sounds like our household! I get told by hubby that he is the optimist and I am the pessimist, but I have always favoured “realist” over “pessimist” – it’s the truth!! Now I have a comeback for hubby – “dreamer”! Love it.

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