To London, to London, to buy some Pink Batts

It’s a long way to go to get Pink Batts, but essentially that’s what we’ve just done!

On the big OE a few years back we flew Emirates to London and got some points that were expiring right about now. After determining there were no “free” trips to Oz to be had we turned to the shopping rewards instead. With a handful of useless items available and anything marginally interesting not available for shipping to NZ we opted for the Mitre 10 gift cards. One measly¬†$50 gift card each after something like $2500 spent – I don’t even want to work out the percentage.

R2.2 – we opted for a higher rating, but cheaper quality. Being an old house there is little (assuming no) insulation in the other walls so while we’d love to go all out and get natural wool insulation it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend extra money when it’s not going to be a completely insulated shell anyway.

So all the way to London for (not even a whole bag… there was a cash top up) Pink Batts to insulate the exterior walls of just one room in the house. That’s dedication!

Side note: Ooooh nice floor (more to come on that, but just wanted to get the suspense levels up!)


2 thoughts on “To London, to London, to buy some Pink Batts

  1. missbrownedesign

    That is so funny!

    And stop teasing me with the floor… get something up asap as I’m dying to see it! From your little teaser it looks like it’s turned out fantastically!

    And also, really like your new logo! x

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