Building site to new beginnings

I was working away last night on some demolition (probably the last of the demolition for the space that’s currently under renovation) and thinking that there’s been a subtle shift in the feel of the room and the way we’re working now.

The floor is actually 97% complete (more on that to come…) so there’s a little bit of tip-toeing around as we go about the rest of the work now. What was an anything goes (muddy boots, throw the tools down, oops I spilt my coffee) attitude is now a bit more precious and thoughtful.

I’m not complaining – it’s exciting! It’s the switch from building site to soon to be new kitchen excitement!

The demolition I mentioned involved knocking out a bit more of the plaster on what was the external wall of the house before the verandah was closed in. So it was a messy, dusty job and for the first time we had to lay down some old curtains dropcloths to protect the floor from falling debris.

Here’s the room in it’s almost rawest state:

And as it was last night, the final demo derby with protective drop cloth (yes I did 90% of it and have a blister to prove it):

And as of a couple of days ago, in all it’s tidiness:

Bye bye building site, hello new beginnings!

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