A happy kitchen!

I’ve finally gotten around to doing up my first moodboard.

I’m very good (bad?) at just going around with all my ideas in my head so noone else has a clue what I’m on about. Sometimes a picture is a thousand words.

The room of the day is the kitchen, and it’s a happy kitchen! Actually the bones of the kitchen are quite subdued, even neutral (see here how I was a bit concerned about that) but it will be the little touches that make it mine – all mine! Well, and the husbands’ and childrens’ but seeing as they’re all mine too I’m ok with that!

The plan is to embrace the colourful mess that is children (or their toys) and make it seem deliberate (I never said I wasn’t cunning…) by adding a bit of adult colour to balance it out. Hence the gorgeous yellow vase which I have yet to buy and give pride of place on the open shelves!

Now without sounding a bit like an hour long royal wedding further ado…

If you’d like some explanation, we’ll start at top left and head clockwise:

This is our first kitchen inspiration image which was ripped out of a magazine (long forgotten which one). We’re stealing the open shelves and doing an oak (veneer?) version without the matching panel behind.

Alphabet letters (these ones from here) are already on my fridge – bought for myself the little one’s first birthday and somewhat disappointed that all he does as yet is try to eat them… I’m sure one day soon he’ll surprise me with “i   l o v e   m a m a” as I go for the milk at breakfast!

Duck egg blue and brown vase is very similar to a jug I purchased in a 2nd hand shop in Masterton last Christmas – it was the first new kitchen specific purchase so will have pride of place alongside “My Yellow Jug”. Which will be something like the one pictured which I found here and is from here.

Moving on around to the aforementioned kitchen in which I’m delighted by the blue scooter cast in a corner and the red water jug on the table, not to mention the flowers and general daily clutter. That will be my kitchen.

Last but not least we have some swatches. Polished concrete for the floor, white for the cabinets and benchtop (which will have some minimal pattern so as to not be totally white), white oak for the open shelves and the latest development is a clear glass splashback with ooh la la wallpaper behind (from here).


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