Dreaming of a new kitchen

Today I write to the tune of a concrete grinder on the other side of a 6mm MDF temporary wall… pleasant it’s not but progress it is! Our new kitchen/dining floor is well underway, but more details and pictures in a week or so when it’s “finished”.

I’ve been avoiding contemplating the finer detail of our kitchen to be and decided I really needed to do up a quick sketch to see the overall colour scheme that until now has just been floating around in my minimal headspace.

Quick sketch it is so please ignore the lines that are not quite straight (speaking to my engineer husband here – I’m sure noone else will be so rude as to point them out):

As you can see we’re taking a very neutral approach with a polished concrete floor, white cabinets, benchtop (tbc), walls, ceiling, trim, fridge (did I miss anything??), wooden (oak veneer??) open shelves… and the only bit of colour will be the splashback, tied in with some painted pendant lightshades over the sink.

I’m ok with this (said cautiously) as I think we can add some eye popping colour by way of kids toys scattered all over the floor fridge artwork, some feature crockery on the shelves, fruit bowl, calendar on the wall etc etc.

I’m channelling this gorgeous kitchen from here:

Two points: Daily clutter is the standout feature here… which I think is the bit that makes a house a home, and that’s what we’re all about! Also the dining table and chairs are (will be..) quite similar to ours which will sit alongside our kitchen too.

Since it’s Easter… (and the concrete grinding is still grinding me down) I might go grab myself some earmuffs, an easter egg and a good ol’ Your Home & Garden mag and take it easy for a bit!


6 thoughts on “Dreaming of a new kitchen

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  2. Andrea

    Looking good! Any pics of your finished polished concrete floor? I bet it’s looking amazing – can’t believe you put up with all the grinding! How long did it take?

    Also, I like your kitchen layout. I just wonder if you have considered ventilation for over your cooktop, ie an extractor fan? Would the shelves not get in the way of putting in an extractor fan?? Just a thought : )

    Looking forward to keeping up with the rest of your renovation project – it’s going to look fabulous!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Aww you’re sweet for leaving a comment!
      There will most certainly be pics of the finished concrete floor… when it’s finished! Currently we’re at step 3 of 9… or something like that! It’s pretty tedious and I’m not even doing it! Once Andre saw me attempt to use the grinder on the front steps I convinced him not to let me touch it again! However I’m pleased to say the worst of it’s over with the laying and first grinding. Now we’re done filling in the air bubbles and holes from stones pulled out with the first grind. There’ll be a few nights now of grinding that layer of filler back, then we do it again. Then you put a hardener on, then polish, polish, polish! It’s all being done with a hand grinder of about 120mm diameter so you can see where the tedium (is that a word?) kicks in!
      Good thinking about the extractor but don’t worry – it’s all taken care of by way of a “downdraft” which is mounted in the wall behind the stove. Very minimal but works well.

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