Just Down the Road!

It sounds very DIY geeky obsessed but I’m really very excited about the new Bunnings that has opened in Mt Wellington. It is now officially our closest Bunnings store and saves a long haul trip south, west or north to one of the other stores.

I plan to visit later today as an outing with the little one. At the tender age of a bit over 1 he already has the hang of power tools (puts mama to shame!) and was most disgusted when I took the angle grinder off him this morning and locked it away. For those who may be concerned about his safety please don’t worry – I worry enough for all of you so rest assured he’s quite ok. I must also add that “power tool” is used very loosely here and can be anything from a screwdriver to a hair brush or potato masher – if it’s accompanied by a “vvvvvvvvvffffff vvvvvvvfffffffff” (drilling noise) it’s most definitely a power tool.

Now, back to the point Bunnings excitement… it will become something of a second home over the next few months years while we continue the arduous process of renovation so I’m looking forward to checking it out, although there is no point familiarising myself with the layout in order to duck in and grab whatever I need quickly. I have learnt the hard way that a trip to Bunnings with the husband is never over in less than 1 hour and all aisles must be browsed even if you just want a new paintbrush.

Just a little aside as to why we prefer Bunnings over the multitude of other DIY superstores now within a stones throw from each other in Mt Wellington: Husband’s Employers Staff Discount!


2 thoughts on “Just Down the Road!

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