Polished or ground & sealed?

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Our new kitchen/dining floor is going to be concrete. The rest of our house has wooden floors, but rather than attempt to match that in the newly floored area we are going to go for a contrast.

Here is what the area used to look like with the terracotta tiles (mm mmm! Love the random tile inserts…):

And here is a bit of a progress shot looking the other way. We used a laser level to mark the level of the new floor which will incidentally be… errr… level…(it wasn’t before) and higher than it was previously so we’ll have less of a step down from the lounge. The white paint on the wall is about where the floor level will be (so the ranchslider at right is coming out, and will be replaced with the french doors removed from between this room and the lounge, and they are perfectly shorter to fit right in!)

The question is whether we polish the concrete, or grind it and seal. Excuse me if I have the terms not quite right. It’s Andre that has been doing the real research on this one.

Anyway, here is the sample we’ve done to help us decide:

On the left is the ground and sealed. It’s not long been sealed in this image and still has a milky white appearance – it’s much clearer but lighter when dry.

On the right is the polished look which is much glossier, and definitely the look we are after. The only concern is how well it will hold up to kitchen/dining spills? Will the concrete stain because there is no protective coating on it?

Here are some polishing in progress shots just for interest:


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