Mid-Century Doormats

With renovation dust from the back room (soon to be kitchen/dining) constantly tracking it’s way through the rest of the house I’ve been itching to get a doormat in place at the back door. Gritty feet is not nice… especially when hopping into bed.

A quick search online is all it took to confirm there are not too many interesting stylish doormats to be found so with this old post from Young House Love in mind I bought up a couple of plain coir door mats from our regular DIY place Bunnings for about $7 each and found this Mid Century themed site for stencil inspiration.

Here are the two patterns I picked out:

A while back I painted the first one and didn’t get any process images – but here it is currently in place at the front door:

It does tend to highlight the apricot walls and sage green door but once we’ve got that all painted up in white and glossy black with a charcoal door step it’ll tie in nicely.

Here’s a close up to show how the mat has “worn in” over a couple of weeks:

The colour is a bit off here but you can see how as the mat is scuffed you do see a bit of the original brown showing through. Time will tell how bad this gets, but I’m ok with it for now!

On to the next mat with some how to photos.

You will need:

1 x coir door mat
2 x cans of spray paint in different colours
1 x stencil large enough to cover the mat (I created mine in Adobe Illustrator and printed it tiled over 3 x A3 pages)
Double-sided tape

Plus a cutting mat, steel ruler and knife if making your own stencil.

Here is my stencil (printed onto 3 x A3 and taped together:

The grey bits are the bits I need to cut out. Halfway through in this photo (it did take a while…):

Once I was all done cutting, I put double-sided tape cross-wise, as below, then length-wise after I took the first lot of backing off (this just helps to hold it down on the mat while you’re painting):

Here is my mat with the first colour applied all over (I did a couple of coats). Bear in mind that because you’re starting with a brown mat, the colour does appear darker and “browner” than the actual paint colour.

I painted on the back lawn (which is all but dead and will be ripped up at some stage so I wasn’t worried about containing the overspray). Centre your stencil on the mat, stick it down and spray away (try to spray directly downwards to minimise any bleeding under your stencil). Once again I did two coats, leaving an hour or so between them:

Here is the final product:

I’m really pleased with the pattern, but disappointed in the colour. You can see from the lids on the spray cans in the image further up what I had in mind – lemon yellow and charcoal grey. Unfortunately the colour of the mat has affected the yellow a lot more than the blue in the other mat. Anyway, it is in place at the back door and doing it’s thing to help keep dust and dirt well away from clean sheets.

The great thing is if the colour wears right off or I get sick of the pattern I can just do it all over again for next to nothing! And I have a totally unique mat.

If you want the stencil patterns I’ve used feel free to send me a message and I can send you a pdf to print.

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