A welcoming entrance

Or at least the start of one…

Some people love terracotta tiles, and that’s nice… but we couldn’t wait to get rid of these things! Walking over them every time we stepped in and out of the house was plenty of incentive to make this one of our first projects.

Picture our welcoming entrance: Glossy black door, charcoal sill and “just a touch of grey” house walls… ground concrete steps with a non-slip sealer and a raised garden with bay trees along the right hand wall… all at the end of a ground concrete pathway.

This is the start of it:

As you can see there is much to be done but good riddance terracotta tiles and welcome ground concrete!

No photos of the grinding process – it got a bit messy so I was in charge of keeping the little one out of the way for the most of it. Plus the camera may not have appreciated concrete dust in all it’s crevices…

Excuse the work boots and the concrete dust all over the wall.

As you might notice we’ve chosen chosen not to extend the steps to the right as they were – the bare edge will be finished off with a raised garden along side with some structural planting… maybe 2-3 bay trees with some buxus edging?

The “after” photo also shows the pathway which has been ground and cut – to the left of the cut (the unground part) the concrete will all be ripped out and the front lawn extended. A little bit of history: A previous owner apparently ran a concrete business and it seems like he got carried away with the leftover concrete from his jobs… hmmm.

The rocks lining the edge of the garden were an idea for the garden wall, but they’ve now been banished again and the decision is to go with a stuccoed concrete wall to match the house.

Of course the house will be painted (apricot has NEVER been a favourite colour…), we’re thinking very, very pale grey walls, white window frames, grey sills and a stunning gloss black door. Welcome to our home!

7 thoughts on “A welcoming entrance

  1. poverty_dieter

    Oh boy . . . looks like a lot of work! I’ve got a project like that coming up soon, too. I had to have my yard dug up to replace a sewer line, and it’s all a big MESS. Good luck with your project!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thank you! Thankfully it’s all cosmetic bits and pieces to do as far as we can tell. No majors like sewer lines – good luck to you too!

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