A Blank Page

This is even worse than the first page of a Moleskine, or more recently a Dear Little Dot notebook (I just bought the whole set here).

We (my husband and I) are renovating our first little house to make it into a home and even though we are total newbies at this game, maybe some of our victories and failures can be inspiration or warning to those heading for similar adventures!

About a year ago we spotted an open home sign and headed this way. With a little one asleep in the car Andre and I took it in turns to run in for a look. I remember the afternoon sun streaming into the lounge, reflecting on the polished wooden floors and warming up the white walls – a pleasant homely feeling.

And now this house is becoming our home.

June 2010 we moved into our little 2 bedroom 1950’s stucco already with plans for modernising and adding a bedroom somewhere.

The first hammer has gone through the wall (or ceiling as in this photo) but there’s not much we can call finished yet. With a promised date (from husband to wife) of May 22 for having the new kitchen in, the clock is ticking…


2 thoughts on “A Blank Page

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